Monthly Brown Bag Lunch Series

The Brown Bag Series is an ongoing occasion to gather and talk about Japan together. On the second Tuesday of each month, people who enjoy talking about Japan bring their lunch to our office at 50 Milk Street. Speakers selected from across New England as well as special visiting guests give a brief presentation about their unique Japan experience or specialty, followed by a group discussion on the topic.  This event is free and open to the public - one small way we share Japan with Boston.  View our Brown Bag Lunch Series Calendar page here.

All Brown Bag meetings are from 12-1p on the 5th floor of 50 Milk St.  After signing the log-book at the front desk, proceed up the elevators on the left to the 5th floor. Please feel free to bring your own lunch.

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    • 13 Mar 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Meridian Room, 50 Milk St. 5F, Boston, MA 02109
    • 26

    Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony

    With Speaker Allan Sōsei Palmer, Professor of Urasenke Chanoyu

    Meridian Room, 50 Milk St. 5F,
    Boston, MA 02109

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018 from 12 - 1PM

    Tea has been prepared in Japan in various ways for more than fifteen hundred years. Arguably the most influential is what we know as the Japanese Tea Ceremony: Chanoyu (茶の湯, tea’s hot water), which in simple terms is whisking powdered green tea together with hot water in a bowl. Depending on the utensils and circumstances, there are many different ways to present Chanoyu, and doing so requires knowledge of history, food, gardens, religion, ethics, architecture, design, incense, clothing, art, and more.

    Join us to learn about The Japanese Tea Ceremony as Professor of Urasenke Chanoyu Allan Sōsei Palmer shares his extensive knowledge of and experience with Chanoyu, along with stories of his life-long passion for tea.

    Professor Palmer studied the Tea Ceremony in Kyoto at Urasenke, a family of Tea Masters dating back to the 16th century, starting in 1971. In 1976, he was asked by the headmaster to teach the ceremony in Boston, and was given the Tea name, Sōsei, 宗清, Sect-pure. Prof. Palmer taught Chanoyu to the members of the Urasenke group in Boston, as well as at the Five Colleges in Amherst. He has over 40 years of experience giving presentations of the Japanese Tea Ceremony at various institutions including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, the Gardner Museum. He later returned to Japan to further his study of Chanoyu, teaching groups of foreigners as well as teaching the Tea Ceremony in English to groups of Japanese teachers who came for intensive study. He has come back to Boston to teach and present Chanoyu once again, and to continue his research.

    Please note that the we often take pictures at events for our records and sometimes for use in public media such as Facebook and blog posts. Registering for an event generally signifies acknowledgment that your likeness may be used in these ways. If you are not comfortable with this, please let us know and we can accommodate you.

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